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Recent Client Work


TomTom launches developer portal for TomTom Bridge business terminal

TomTom, a global leader in navigation and mapping products and state-of-the-art fleet management solutions, has partnered with AppCarousel for the recent launch of an open developer portal for their TomTom Bridge device. AppCarousel is the official app platform partner for Bridge and its ecosystem, providing TomTom customers with a customizable app store experience.



AppCarousel launches App Developer Program for Tizen

Tizen, an open source operating system for smart phones, tablets, infotainment devices and Smart TV’s has partnered with Wmode to utilize its AppCarousel platform to enable app developers and content providers to easily create, submit, distribute, monetize and merchandise across all screens on a multitude of devices.




ARRIS Set to Launch App Store Environment on Set Top Boxes

AppCarousel is set to create apps, deliver app curation services and operate the ARRIS Market app store. ARRIS and AppCarousel will be working closely with MSOs (Multiple System Operators) to deliver apps as part of the ARRIS Whole Home Solution, enabling MSOs to design their own app store and choose the apps they want showcased.



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About Us

Leveraging over a decade of experience in the mobile device space, Wmode provides innovative platforms and services for TV, Car, Internet of Things (IoT), Enterprises, and Network Operators. The company’s inclusive suite of platforms and services include AppCarousel, Affiliate Commerce Exchange, Ingage and Velocity. 

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